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- I am not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

- I am over 15 years old (or I have my parents' consent to my participation in this game).

- In the game I will follow the explained rules and follow the instructions of the operator.

- I understand that I participate in the games at my own risk and after the operator  I will not require any compensation or performance in the event of an accident .

- If the game can affect my health  (claustrophobia, epilepsy, pregnancy ...) I informed the staff before the start of the game.

- I undertake to compensate for any damage that I cause in the game as a result of non-compliance with the rules of the game or the instructions of the operator.

- I will abide by the ban on taking photos and videos throughout the game.

- I understand that non-compliance with these conditions may result in early termination of the game without the right to a refund.

- I agree to the processing of my personal and image data  material (photo at the end of the game, etc.).

Game participant statement

Further measures

According to the requirements of HZS and BOZP, our escape game is processed in such a way that it is passable and in case of danger  (eg fire) can be escaped without assistance  escap staff. Juveniles can complete the game accompanied by their parents (or with the written consent of their parents). Every visitor  by its reservation, it also confirms that it enters the premises at its own risk and that the operator accepts no liability for any accidents. By sending an email, making a reservation or passing on contacts, you agree to the internal processing of your personal data also in terms of GDPR.

Hygienic  COVID measures

We regularly disinfect the game premises. The game crew is equipped with respiratory protection. There is a possibility of using a disinfectant at the place of the game  gel. During an emergency, it is mandatory to wear respiratory protection during the game and to properly disinfect your hands before starting the game. Failure to accept this measure may result in early termination of the game without the right to financial compensation. Thank you for protecting yourself and others.

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